PPC campaigns


One In Four (non-profit organisation)

project length

6 months (short-term project)


increase in contact, donations and raising brand awareness

one in four

“In One in Four, our vision is an Irish society where children are safe from the threat of sexual harm. Every single day we work towards this vision. It’s what drives us, what fuels us.”


Industry placement

Extremely sensitive industry placement given its sexual abuse base.


Limitations from Google and other search engines with keywords (child abuse, sexual abuse, etc).

Site crawl

Google’s crawling of the site did not return any keyword suggestions due to the sensitive nature of the topic. This sensitivity also rendered Google’s keyword planner redundant, providing no keyword suggestions or data. Furthermore, keywords would be routinely disapproved by Google in the background, despite being listed as “eligible” in the ads dashboard.

Target audience

One In Four’s target audience is hypersensitive and small in scale.


3 individual campaigns were created to reach set objectives

Fund raising

Aim: to create compelling ads that will encourage audiences to donate to OIF. It started with two ad groups on general fundraising and January fundraising (considering multiple events). Furthermore, an analysis of the client’s website was performed that allowed for planning and developing an applicable ad copy. The initial cost-per-acquisition was set at $6.18. The campaign was being reviewed and accordingly optimised every two weeks. The campaign received 20% of the budget, which was $2,000 monthly or $65.80 daily.

Brand awareness

Aim: to educate people on the work of the client. I aimed to build OIF’s ‘salience’ as a charity that does meaningful work for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. This campaign was always on and had broad targeting settings. For the majority of the campaign, I targeted all age demographics living in the Republic of Ireland and across the border in Northern Ireland in the ad targeting. The bid strategy  was set to maximise clicks, and the technical objective was to increase website traffic. The brand awareness campaign received 30% of the budget, $3,000 monthly or $98.70 each day.


Aim: driving users to contact OIF’s advocacy team via phone call or by submitting a web form on-site. The advocacy team act in an informational and supportive role for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse who are currently engaged in civil, legal, or investigative proceedings. This support also extends to individuals seeking to explore the possibility of entering these proceedings to seek justice for their abuser(s). Fulfilling this objective involved setting up a leads-driven target cost-per-acquisition (tCPA) campaign. Being a key offering of the client, advocacy was to receive 50% of the campaign budget; $164.50 daily or $5000 monthly.

Key results


In a review of the period from November 2020 to April 2021, it was found that 19 outreaches to One In Four were made (18 calls & 1 lead form submission). These outreaches represent individuals affected in some way by childhood sexual abuse. For instance, it could be a survivor, a family member, or a mandated person responsible for reporting childhood sexual abuse. Fundraising ads attracted 27 payments to the organisation through 26 donations and one event ticket purchase. Brand awareness attracted 334 clicks to the website.


I delivered a highly relevant message to a few people rather than a minorly relevant message to a wide audience. The account-wide click-through rate of 26.2% was far above the minimum threshold for ad grants accounts (5%). However, the challenges of small-scale delivery of impressions do somewhat inhibit conversions.



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Brand awareness

Impressions Vs Clicks

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