Web design


Plan B

(physiotherapy studio and reconditioning and preventive exercise)

project length

1 month

(set by client)


Web development

(clear and simple informative website)


Business overview

Plan B is a private facility providing services in the field of physiotherapy, health, reconditioning, and preventive exercise. The facility is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Project objective

As a new business, Plan B needed a website to advertise its services and raise awareness of its brand.


The management of Plan B contacted me after a previous bad experience with another web designer, who misunderstood their needs and the business objective.



Clear visualisation of the project. A wireframe is the first real process for a project. It turns abstract ideas into something tangible and allows for content development to be more effective.

Web development

The development itself followed after the client’s approval of the wireframe and explained functionalities of the website. Additional elements, such as icons were designed to highlight the main features of the services, and make content more digestible. 

Mobile development

Mobile optimisation is ensured and applied in the last development stages when individual content elements have a firm place within the site. Given the increase of internet users on mobile devices and Google’s SEO policies, this step is one of the most crucial points of the whole development process.



Basic SEO settings were put in place and kept in mind throughout the development stage. Starting from permalink creation, image optimisation, and content adaptation (heading, titles, avoiding duplicate content) all the way to testing page loading speed and sitemap creation.

Functionality testing

The functionality of the website on various devices was performed. Furthermore, the client ensured to make a final spell check and approved the site for publishing.


The whole process from the first client meeting until the handover of the website and supporting documentation including website credentials took 4 weeks, successfully meeting clients’ request.

supporting documentation

Wireframe & Sitemap

User Personas

  • professional ice hockey player
  • plays for a hockey club in Prague
  • needs yearly “in between seasons” condition preparation
  • had multiple knee surgeries
men wearing a black eyeglasses close-up photography
28 years old
  • IT specialist
  • living and working in Prague
  • has chronic back problems as a result of a car crash from 1 year ago
  • the sitting nature of his work slows the convalescence
37 years old

Colour palette